If you've picked the disk option then you'll recieve a bespoke dvd case with a printed image of your choice inside and a printed DVD. On the disk you'll find a slideshow of your images and a folder with all the images ready for print.

Albums and prints

We offer many different album options for all budgets and we can do all the designing for you.

All you need to do is pick an album option, we will design it for you with all your favorite images included and as soon as your happy with the design, we send it to print.

You can also pick images you want as prints from 6" x 4" upto 1 m canvas wall art.

As there are so many differnt album ideas and designs, Aaron will dicuss them with you and show you some examples at the first meet. You can choose to buy an album or print at any time so don't worry if you're not sure till after your wedding, we're always here to help.