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Hi, i'm Aaron Polhill and i'm an Action sports photographer and Wedding photographer from Cornwall, England

Creating a great photograph starts with understanding why you want to take the image in the first place.

When i'm not shooting Action sports, i'm doing them. Sports such as skydiving, diving, surfing, climbing and skating to name a few. This was why i started photography, to capture what i love. I started to cover weddings about 4 years into my career and found that there is just as much action, if not more, through out the day. Capturing those special shots means i need to work fast and always keep on my toes

Action sports

Some examples of my favourite action shots



Full coverage of the day from bride getting ready to the first dance. 250+ images supplied on usb, copy write free and a framed 10 x 8 print Albums come in all shapes and sizes ranging from £50 up to £1000. This all depends on your budget and can be added at any point, even years after your wedding



Each job is different so please get in contact if you would like a quote or some more information.


Currently i'm traveling the world. Please click on an image to view my instagram or tumblr with all my travel news

The world is a beautiful place

Posted By Aaron    13/06/2017   

The view from my window when i wake up is first image to get me ready for the day. When it looks like this you know its going to be a good day. Click the image to see more posts

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